Super Slim

We spent a long time perfecting its designs.
PopDart is slim and simple. And it's very original.
Game machine measures only at 80mm,
86% thinner than anything in the market.

Simplicity is harder than it looks

Until now, only a few had the benefit of enjoying electronic darts. The key to introducing darts to general population was to design and develop a product that will blend at any location so it is not limited to just pubs and bars. Our most advanced machine is the fastest and slimmest in the world.

27” Widescreen

World’s first true dual screen is capable of displaying twice as much information.
Our IPS panel with full HD resolution is capable of displaying 55% sharper and vivid image.

21.5” Touch Screen

Nothing is more intuitive than pointing at the things we want with our fingers. It also has a capacitive touch screen that we are used to from using our smartphones.