Darts, in its origin, is a traditional pub game with 500 years of cultural history.
With this unique origin, we wanted to bring everything that people love about the traditional dart games such as 01, count up, and cricket into POPDART.

01 Game 

Most well known game of darts. 
Each player starts from the set points
and the objective is to make the
points to exactly 0.

Count Up

Easy to learn practice game that will aids players to learn how darts scoring works. The player with the most points will win.


Well known for being the most strategic game of darts. Get 3 marks to open and close each number to earn the highest points.


Network Dual Match

Compete with players around the world. Our match maker system will find the opponent similar to your skill level to provide a fair and competitive grounds.

Event Game

Participate in the wheel of fortune event and receive prizes and POPDART points.