Designed for a reason

& Wall

We spent a long time perfecting its designs. Some loves the way traditional electronic darts look with its arcade-machine-like design.
Knowing that one model will not fit every locations, we went the extra miles to create unprecedented wall mountable machine
that is beautifully crafted and solid.

Laser line

Our laser line is clean, vivid, and most importantly safe. FDA approved laser line no longer requires a permanent place in the locations.


Integrated camera has wide angle optical sensor with brighter F2.0 lens from Sony. Optimal for capturing bright and sharp images in low light conditions.


Modern day smartphones are equipped with NFC sensor and it is slowly replacing our wallets. Now you can easily login with your smartphone.


5.1 Speakers

With a 5.1 channel audio system, Pop Dart provides a rich, detailed, and immersive experience.